Branche Catering industry

Promote your dishes or menus fast and easy

You, the chef, are preparing the menu of the day in the morning and think about promoting it on Social Media right away? Make a picture, upload it to PlaceShuttle and you can immediately share a nice image in your corporate style on Social Media. Think about the numerous possibilities PlaceShuttle offers for the catering industry. Promote your menu of the day, the Friday afternoon drink, your 3-course menu, special offers, a seasonal meal and other specials immediately to your guests. Now they will now where to go to!

  • Promote your dishes / menus
  • Save on design costs
  • Easy to use
  • A wide range of catering templates
  • Recognizable branding for your restaurant
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PlaceShuttle - User Experiences - Marike Zoonen - Zoonen Commercieel Vastgoed
Marike Zoonen
Zoonen Commercieel Vastgoed

We use PlaceShuttle to put images (3-4 a week) of new available images on Social Media. By using a recognizable template our online channels look consistent and neat. It definitely contributes to the recognizability of our company.   It is pretty...

Extremely happy, it goes like a rocket!


PlaceShuttle - User Experiences - Michiel Roeleveld - Gezondheid aan huis
Michiel Roeleveld
Gezondheid aan huis

We use PlaceShuttle for our Social Media. It is an ideal tool for online image editing for our website and newsletters. PlaceShuttle also works great for our Facebook...

Simply fantastic! Nothing more, nothing less


PlaceShuttle - User Experiences - Frank Kamminga - AutoGarantVeiling
Frank Kamminga
Auto Import Garant

We enjoy using PlaceShuttle. The number of "launched" images has considerably increased since we started using PlaceShuttle, just like our visibility. It used to be rather complicated. Now, however, all employees know how to use this tool, so we can launch a...

"Car of the day" has become a household word