FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What you should know about PlaceShuttle…

With PlaceShuttle you can make banners for social media, think about:

  • Facebook header
  • Images for your social media post
  • Striking banners for your website
  • Images for email marketing

At PlaceShuttle we already prepared templates and social media formats for you. You only need to change the text and image and save our templates for easy re-use.

With our PlaceShuttle start-templates you can use our examples and change it into your own style. For example, a car dealer has multiple templates he can use to start creating his banners.

We have templates for the following branches:

Of course you could also use PlaceShuttle for any other branches.

The images generated by PlaceShuttle are available for online use. However, we expect to launch a new function this coming year where you can generate printing optimized images. Follow us on our website and social media to stay up-to-date with our new improvements.

When you join PlaceShuttle you have the chance to test our tool first using the Basic Shuttle package. This package is free and makes it easy to try our app. Do note that if you have chosen the Basic Shuttle package your generated images will contain a placeShuttle watermark.


When you choose Advanced or Pro Shuttle you are subject to a monthly membership fee. On the registration page you can enter your payment details. Click here for information about our packages.

At PlaceShuttle we believe in co-operating. All our partners are certified and up-to-date about the options we offer at PlaceShuttle. Our partners can help you set-up your templates. When the templates have been set-up it is easy to re-use them.

No idea which partner you should contact? You can always contact us first, we would love to help you!

PlaceShuttle has multiple partners that would love to help setting up your templates. In exchange for an affiliate fee, but they also like to help to make your company more professional and recognizable. Here you can have a quick look for a partner close to you. for a partner close to you. Feel free to contact them.

Did you choose pay per month? Then it is possible to cancel your subscription any time! However, if you chose to pay per year and receive our discount you would not be able to cancel every month. You could always try our free version and generate up to a maximum of 3 images a month.

PlaceShuttle is easy, fun and effective

Create your own template easily

Determine the desired template for your image. In just a few steps you have developed a complete, reusable, template. Of course you can develop several templates for various purposes.

Fill your own template

Select your template and fill it with your texts and images. Within one minute you have generated your image, ready for use. You can fill your template at any desired moment, at any location. You will definitely save time.

Put your image online successfully

Is your image complete? With  just a few mouse clicks you can share it on any desired Social Media Channel, making it visible to the entire world. Of course you can also use your image for example on your website, in your newsletter or on your desktop. The sky is the limit!