Partner JanFillem

I'm happy to help you set up your template!

As a PlaceShuttle partner, I will show you around and I will design a template for you based on your style and needs. As an entrepreneur, you only have to fill in the content and export the template. Simple isn't it?

Below here you will see the step-by-step plan and my rates for setting up your template(s)

Step 1: We'll Talk about what you want

Do you want to start with PlaceShuttle, but you don't know where to start building templates? I am happy to help you set up one or more templates, and in no time you will easily be generating your own pictures. Before I start making your template(s) we will talk about your personal wishes and ideas. We can talk by phone or I can come and visit you. Searching for a partner with a graphic design background? I am happy to help

Step 2: I will make your personal template(s)

When we're done talking about your personal ideas, I will start designing a template. I will make your template just like you want. I won't need any personal login information, your account will be connected to mine so that I can make changes from my own account. This will come in handy later, for future questions and support.

Step 3: Your template is finished and ready to go

And now the fun part! Your template is ready to be published. I will contact you to help you generate your first image. Together we will create your first image and I will teach you how to do it alone in the future. My goal is to help you as an entrepreneur. PlaceShuttle makes this possible. Any questions?
You can call me on +31-(0)6 - 20066248 or you can send a mail to I hope to talk to you soon!