Preset formats YouTube

YouTube formats and sizes 2019 for banner, thumbnail, profile picture, etc.

Be smart and use PlaceShuttle for your YouTube channel, making your (corporate) videos recognizable and distinguishing. You can easily design video-images for all of your videos. In addition you can add a title, logo or number to the featured image. Would you like to add a header image to your YouTube channel, for optimal appearance? Just like for example Enzo Knol or Monica Geuze, you will get a video channel that is both original and recognizable. If the desired template is not available, you can of course create your own template as well.

PlaceShuttle - Logo YouTube

Profile photo

The size of the YouTube Profile Photo is min. 250 x 250 pixels. Larger images will automatically be adjusted. We recommend 500 x 500 pixels, to ensure a sharp picture on retina screens as well. Use a square picture or a square variant of your logo. It will always look great!

  • Full display of your logo
  • Always a sharp logo on your Facebook Profile Page

Profile cover photo

The size of a YouTube Profile Cover Photo is min. 2560 x 1440 pixels. Larger images will automatically be reduced. Create a distinguishing YouTube Profile by using an unique, attractive Cover Photo. Don’t disappoint your fans! On Pinterest or Google you will find great examples and inspiration!

  • Creates a distinguishing YouTube Profile Page
  • Always a sharp header on your Tube Profile Page

Video image

You have probably seen them, the recognizable images for each video. Many well-known vloggers such as Enzo Knol, with his striking design and video numbers (#01, #02, #02, etc.), use them. The size of the YouTube Video Image is min. 1280 x 760 pixels. A fixed size and pattern ensures simplicity and recognizability. Everything for your fans!

  • Identical corporate appearance for each You Tube Video
  • Always a sharp image for your YouTube Video

Other preset formats

PlaceShuttle is easy, fun and effective

Create your own template easily

Determine the desired template for your image. In just a few steps you have developed a complete, reusable, template. Of course you can develop several templates for various purposes.

Fill your own template

Select your template and fill it with your texts and images. Within one minute you have generated your image, ready for use. You can fill your template at any desired moment, at any location. You will definitely save time.

Put your image online successfully

Is your image complete? With  just a few mouse clicks you can share it on any desired Social Media Channel, making it visible to the entire world. Of course you can also use your image for example on your website, in your newsletter or on your desktop. The sky is the limit!